FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3dv3 German Polar Research And Sience Vessel Icebreaker Polarstern

FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3dv3 Pilotable polar sience and research icebreaker Polarstern (Polar star). This German vessel of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research/Bremerhaven was commissioned in 1982 and is mainly used for research in the Arctic and Antarctica. On 17th October 2008, Polarstern was the first research vessel ever traveled through both the Northeast Passage and the Northwest Passage in one cruise plus circumnavigating the North Pole. The model has a 2D panel and a complete virtual navigation bridge and a lot of very special animations: Breaking ice at the bow, a splitted ice wake behind the stern, a Bell 206B Jetranger helicopter can be pushed out of the hangar to the heli deck, four animated cranes, one is lifting a container onto the ice field and a polar bear mother with its child is walking near the ship. Twentyfive cameras let you watch all those animations and explore the ship. Original icebreaker sounds let you enjoy discovering ice fields. Saved flights for FSX and P3dv3 at northern Canada on an icefiled approaching open sea are included. Special ship gauges are made by Jean Pierre Carosin, FSDS model and animations by Erwin Welker