FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3dv3 Package WWI warships part 2 - Austrian & Greek vessels

FSX/Accel/FS2004/P3dv3 Package WWI warships part 2 with pilotable- and ai-vessels of the Austrian and Greek Navy. This comes with the Austrian battleship SMS Viribus Unitis, armed with twelve 30.5 cm guns and twelve 15 cm casematt guns and the Greek battlecruiser Georgios Averoff, armed with four 23.4 cm guns and eight 19 cm guns. Viribus Unitis went in service in 1912 and was sunk in 1918. Georgios Averoff fought successfully and almost undemaged in four wars and served as flagship for the Greek Navy from 1911 until 1952! Today it is a museum ship in Athens and is worlwide the only steaming WW1 warship. Both pilotable simulation ships has plenty of animations, a 2D and a virtual navigation bridge. More than twenty cameras let you explore the beautyful vessels and the virtual decks. Ship and weapon effects are included. The included ai-models are supposed to be used with the great tool "Ai-carriers" or it can be used for traffic files. Part 3 will follow in early 2019 with boats from USA, Great Britain and Russia. FSDS 3.5 models made by Erwin Welker

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