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Well for many years we have had fs-shipyards but now it's time to get a Webpage up and running for FSX ONLY.

The older fs-shipyards/com & org webpages have not been updated in years but we will try to keep you updated with some of the best Ships, Boats & Scenery available for FSX. We have some wonderful designers of Ships & Boats out there it's now time to get them onto a single Webpage so everyone can find them instead of searching the internet time and time again to find them.

If you would like to have your work uploaded our site does come with it's own uploader but does have a size restriction so if you can't upload please email admin@fsx-shipyards.com

We will also be adding an FTP Uploader in the near future !

We hope you enjoy our new site and also don't forget to upload your own work and also remember we have a Forum for you to use as well.